Jagger's turning 3...

 Hey dude's its Jagger! 

My mom wanted me to write a little something and say hi to all you guys!
Today is my 3rd birthday...
So far it's been a great day my mom put some yummy carrots in my breakfast
and she said she's going to scramble me up some eggs later for my birthday lunch... I cant wait! 
My mom and dad also got me this sweet new collar, its green and has little fish on it. 
They're the best! 
I would like to say sorry mom for all those times I got in trouble for chewing stuff up...
we went through a lot of TV remotes.
But I'm much better now that I'm a big boy and am 3...
that's like 21 in dogs years I'm not to far behind you dad!! 
I couldn't ask for a better mom and best friend...
I love you so much... thank you for always loving on me and giving me bunches of kisses 
and for also always scratching my belly in the mornings 
and for covering me up when I get cold!

Love you Mom & Dad
Your Jaggy Boy

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