Shopped till' her pants Dropped...

This past week was a busy one, full of glittery Christmas decorations 
and the last minute holiday scramble.
Friday, me and J rented movies and relaxed.
Saturday we watched movies, gave the doggies a much needed bath, played games with the family, ordered pizza (got the pizza free after my mom waved the delivery guy down like a crazy person with a flashlight in the middle of the street) and actually really really relaxed.

Today my mom and I Shopped till' we dropped.  Literally till my mom dropped her pants in the middle of Target..??? We walk into Target and went straight over to the Women's section which at our Target is right smack dab in the front. She walks over to these sweat pants and is like oh wow these are really soft.. hmm I wonder what size I would be.  She presumes to try them on over her sweat pants she already has on, and is walking around going oh yeah I think these are fine... what do you think Lindsay?? Yeah that size looks good mom. So as she goes to take off the Target pair of sweat pants not even thinking she grabs both of her pants and pulls them down to about mid thigh almost to her knees. I guess she finally gets a cold gust of wind across her bare thighs... she screams OH MY GOSH! The couple behind us was also like OH MY GOSH! I was like OH MY GOSH and all I could do was just die laughing. So there we are both almost in tears, on the floor diving laughing. For those of you who know my mom these are things that happen to her on a everyday occurrence she is just well lets say SPECIAL, VERY SPECIAL!! 

So after she put her pants back on we actually got a lot done and I'm almost officially done with Christmas shopping. There are just a few things I have in my mind that I'm looking for and can't find. Men are always hard for me. I could shop for my mom and girlfriends forever... but guys are just hard especially when you have a boyfriend who will never ask for anything and says he doesn't need anything?  I can sometimes squeeze a few things out of him but this year he is lips sealed and hasn't shot any ideas my way.

 I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to a new week.
I hope you are feeling the Holiday Spirit as I am. 

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