A Little Christmas Trivia!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper all the way 
2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial.. Jeremy is allergic and his face will swell up like a balloon if he even comes within 2 inches of a real tree 
3. When do you put up the tree? usually after thanksgiving
4. When do you take the tree down? After New Years 
5. Do you like eggnog? no thank you
6. Favorite gift received as a child? defiantly when me and my brother got our first puppy dogs Sam a golden Cocker Spaniel and Lexi a Black and white Cocker spaniel
7. Hardest person to buy for? My mom, she's very picky and buys everything she wants when she see it) and Jeremy (will never ask for anything 
8. Easiest person to buy for? Myself
9. Do you have a nativity scene? yes at my moms house we do
10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mailll!!!! I think alot of people have started doing the email thing and I just miss getting all those pretty glittered cards in the mail... getting to see how everyone's changed so much over the years and family's are growing
11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? probably one from a white elephant party or something!!
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? once fall hits
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Nope!
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?  Meme's Chocolate pie
16. Lights on the tree? always
17. Favorite Christmas song? Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra 
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? HOME
19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? probably not
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? disco ball?
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Both! Me and J do all of our gifts to each other on Christmas eve and we also go to Jeremy's moms house for dinner and open gifts. Then my family and his dads side of the family open gifts Christmas morning
22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? packed weekends 
23. Favorite ornament, theme, or color? black and white
25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Spending time with family, happy pups, everyone to love there gifts and a good healthy happy year to come
26. Which do you prefer: giving or receiving? Giving all the way
27. Candy canes: yuck or yummy? Yum
28. Saddest Christmas song?  the Christmas shoes.. gets me every time
29. Snow! Love it or dread it? LOVEE it and wish for it every year! My puppy dogs love it too!
30. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you? Relaxing and spending time with family! I love everyone getting together and making memories!

I hope everyone is having a great week! 
I can't believe Christmas is Sunday it is blowing my mind how fast this year has passed, this year has been a hard one with very many heartaches but it has also had a lot of good memories. 
I am ready to see what 2012 brings, I have a feeling it is going to be a good one!

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