Busy Bee

Thats me!
I'm so determined to get all my Christmas shopping done! I want them wrapped and ready to go like yesterday! This weekend I made a little bit of progress. Saturday, Me, J and My Mom had a family day. We got up bright and early, like literally I woke up at 7:30 and laid their like a zombie. Lucy my psycho dog on the other hand loves it, she doesn't require any sleep at all. Jagger, my old soul lump of love doggie though could sleep all day everyday as long as he has his blank and is snuggled up tight by someone. So we all make it to the mall and we are off, list in hand mapped out to correspond with the malls map so we can go right in order. First stop Sperrys (J needs some new ones because his are literally falling apart, he's so easy he points picks them out and we are done! Next stop Urban I've got to get some long comfy socks (a few other little things for someone sweet but I can't tell you what, his eyes will be reading these exact words) Jeremy is at this point already tired of shopping and it threatening to go see a movie by himself? So I bribe him with a treat... treats always work! Jamba Juice will do the Trick! Next stop Nordstrom's :) Ahh I take a deep breath, I love Nordstroms its so clean and organized, they usually have a nice mix of Norah Jones and Frank Sinatra to join along your trip. NOT TODAY. It was like someone took a monster truck and drove it threw the shoe department... Shoe's EVERYWHERE!! Ahhh! I literally when taking my shoes off to try on a pair, had to put them in my shopping bag of fear that someone would think they were up for grabs... Jeremy and my mom on the other hand thought this was hilarious and kept picking up random high heels trying to walk around in them??? I dunno but Jeremy was occupied and I could scan the sale racks.. nothing good though sadly. Next stop, Anthro my favorite place ever... If I could live in a store it would be here. Jeremy is now making a sad face because he knows how long I could spend in here just admiring every nook and cranny, but I was feeling nice today and just went straight for the sale corner. My Jacket that my mom just bought the previous week for $200 was now on sell for like $130! Score! I do a little happy dance and jump around for awhile then quickly run to show her of my great discovery! A few more stops were made but of coarse one last stop by corner bakery for a yummy well deserved treat was needed. Then it was off to MiCosina for dinner. To many Mambo Taxi's later and we were headed home to prop up our aching feet up. Sunday we watched football and ate junk food! Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

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  1. Here from the blog hop... such a sweet blog you have! Love the puppy photos. We have a weimaraner that is totally like our kid! So I am totally a dog person. Sounds like you had a wonderful shopping day. I really have not done much for shopping yet... but each year I say I will finish early! lol Newest follower! :)