Jegging Love

My lastest and most recent cheap Fashion find that I am absolutely loving is the Target Jeggings!!
Yes, I said Target. They are only $24.99 and they are so comfy. If you are like me and live in leggings this is such a nice alternative for a jean look but with the feeling of leggings! Just this weekend I was at Anthropologie and saw these exact same jeans with the lovely price of $168 ????? No way! They are literally the exact same jean down to the materials used and everything.
Here is the Target Jeggings

And here is the Anthropologie Jeggings

Now go to your Target or order them online. I already got myself two pairs and they come in all different washes light, dark, grey, black, as well as the dark wash with the carmel threading like I have. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gives thanks for all you have been blessed with this year!


Busy Bee

Thats me!
I'm so determined to get all my Christmas shopping done! I want them wrapped and ready to go like yesterday! This weekend I made a little bit of progress. Saturday, Me, J and My Mom had a family day. We got up bright and early, like literally I woke up at 7:30 and laid their like a zombie. Lucy my psycho dog on the other hand loves it, she doesn't require any sleep at all. Jagger, my old soul lump of love doggie though could sleep all day everyday as long as he has his blank and is snuggled up tight by someone. So we all make it to the mall and we are off, list in hand mapped out to correspond with the malls map so we can go right in order. First stop Sperrys (J needs some new ones because his are literally falling apart, he's so easy he points picks them out and we are done! Next stop Urban I've got to get some long comfy socks (a few other little things for someone sweet but I can't tell you what, his eyes will be reading these exact words) Jeremy is at this point already tired of shopping and it threatening to go see a movie by himself? So I bribe him with a treat... treats always work! Jamba Juice will do the Trick! Next stop Nordstrom's :) Ahh I take a deep breath, I love Nordstroms its so clean and organized, they usually have a nice mix of Norah Jones and Frank Sinatra to join along your trip. NOT TODAY. It was like someone took a monster truck and drove it threw the shoe department... Shoe's EVERYWHERE!! Ahhh! I literally when taking my shoes off to try on a pair, had to put them in my shopping bag of fear that someone would think they were up for grabs... Jeremy and my mom on the other hand thought this was hilarious and kept picking up random high heels trying to walk around in them??? I dunno but Jeremy was occupied and I could scan the sale racks.. nothing good though sadly. Next stop, Anthro my favorite place ever... If I could live in a store it would be here. Jeremy is now making a sad face because he knows how long I could spend in here just admiring every nook and cranny, but I was feeling nice today and just went straight for the sale corner. My Jacket that my mom just bought the previous week for $200 was now on sell for like $130! Score! I do a little happy dance and jump around for awhile then quickly run to show her of my great discovery! A few more stops were made but of coarse one last stop by corner bakery for a yummy well deserved treat was needed. Then it was off to MiCosina for dinner. To many Mambo Taxi's later and we were headed home to prop up our aching feet up. Sunday we watched football and ate junk food! Hope you all had a great weekend as well.


I Am...

I Am...

I'm Weird Because...
I need at least 10 hours of sleep each night
I talk to my dogs like they are humans
I sleep with 6 pillows 
I put ice in my cereal milk
I make lists for everything
I will dart so fast at any sight of a bee
I label everything
I always have an extra back-up pair of shoes
I lift my feet up everytime I pass over railroad tracks
I could eat Watermelon for every single meal
I hate driving. 
I put Vicks on my lips every night before bed

I'm a Bad Friend Because...
I never have my phone with me, so most of the time I won't answer
I don't like making plans way ahead of time
I'm a biggg time Homebody
I am terrible at driving so if I have to drive far away to meet up... most likely I'll need help 

I'm a Good Friend Because...
I would never tell a secret someone has confided in me
I will always stand up for you
You could call me in the middle of the night and I will talk to you till you feel better
I would never talk about you to other people
I'll always be more than happy to help you with whatever
I always have snacks :)

I'm Sad Because...
I am not where I thought I would be at this point in my life
I wish my dreams could come true faster
My sweet Nanny has to work on Thanksgiving this year so it won't be the same
This past year has brought many rough times that will change mine & Jeremy's life forever.

I'm Happy Because...
I am so blessed to have such great family and friends
To have my sweet Jeremy
Its Ugg wearing weather
Half my Christmas shopping is over :)
Now that I am working full time I am able to get the people I love the great gifts they deserve

I'm Excited for...
Warm apple Cider
Christmas Music
Board games and Winter walks
Me and J's 23 birthday
To see what the year to come brings!

I got this idea from the great Little Miss Momma
Link up and make your own!


This Guy...

He is someone very special to me and I don't know what I would do without him, he is my best friend/soulmate, the person who gets all my jokes, we have laughed and cried together and I could not have asked for a better match!

Jeremy Nolan - aka. "J", Lizard, Nugget
He is the most giving person I have ever met.. he would literally give you the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet if you asked him to. He would also probably pick up hitchhickers if I allowed him to. He is also absolutely pretty funny and a total dork!

Did you know:
We met in the 7th Grade :)
He's an I.T. manager
He has freckles on his face in the shape of the little dipper
In the 11th Grade I won an art award with a picture published in the newspaper. My name was printed as "Lindsay Nolan" we still don't know how that happened? Fate possibly? You can only imagine the diary entries after that happened... Love struck times a million.
He won't admit it but he knows every word to Katy Perrys "California Girl"
He once had a pet Mouse named "Mrs.Mouse"
He used to play the Drums in a band called How to Set Fire
He secretly loves getting facials
He can't sit still for longer than a minute and when we go to Hobby Lobby he has to put his hands in his pockets.. breakable items are everywhereee.
He has a phobia of Glitter
Loves its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, Survivor and football.
Loves his family and has a special heart for his sweet Meme :)

This is my Jeremy...
  I am so lucky to have him and to have met him so early on in life was just a extra bonus, we basically grew up together and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.
Love you J, you know your the best and you have my heart forever.


Party's & Pumpkins

Saturday me and J went to the Annual Nolan Fall Family Festival/70th Birthday party for Jeremy's sweet Nanny. First we went and grabbed some baked goods, next we had to get some pumpkins. I got a pretty grey one which I would soon find out later that it was impossible to cut and stunk. J got this yucky wart looking thing and would soon find out it would be like cutting through concrete! We learned our lesson this year to always go with the classic orange pumpkin! By the time the party was over we had eaten way to much, laughed and we were so happy we got to see everyone. Afterwards we made a little pit stop by J's Meme's house to drop off some yummy pumpkin bread for her and showed her our carved creations. It was great fall weekend, we left feeling very thankful and blessed for all our friends and family. 


I have been dreaming up this little blog in my mind for some time now, I am so excited to finally get it up and running! I am Lindsay also known as Goose to my family & friends. 
Welcome to The Happy Goose!